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The vintage sneaker since 1939, made out natural rubber and PETA approved materials

Our outsole of natural rubber

Our outsole of natural rubber

Natural Rubber Outsole

Our outsole is made from natural rubber. Natural rubber or tree-derived rubber is considered eco-friendly. Harvesting and taking use of natural rubber has less impact on the environment. The rubber tree is a sustainable crop and helps maintain the global carbon balance in the atmosphere.

Natural rubber is made a milky white liquid called latex. It is found in certain plants when you cut into them. There are more than 200 plants in the world that can produce latex. The most productive plant is the Pará rubber tree.

VFCS Certified suppliers & Fairtrade

The use of natural rubber is a manual process, it create fair trade labour. Our manufacturers are carefully chosen that no natural habitat and ecosystems are or will be wasted.

By the use of the vulcanization process, the natural rubber is melted on the upper. There is no use of glues in this process. This comes as a bless for people who are allergic to the use of glues.

Natural rubber can be recycled. It can be recycled into many other product by example tyres. When the recycled rubber products come to the end of their life, they can be recycled again into a new product.

Our natural rubber comes from VFCS certified natural rubber suppliers.

Advantages of natural rubber for the environment and you?

It is a natural product, meaning there are no toxic chemicals or petroleum used. Some other recycled products can be recycled from toxic materials. This is a natural product, no glues, no chemicals, no recycled PET bottles, no other synthetic materials.

The material is soft, flexible and supportive. No use of chemical softeners. It’s very durable and has from nature anti-shock and supportive features. All characteristics which are excellent for our feet and body posture.

Sustainable material. When a rubber tree reaches the end of its latex production life (approximately 12 years), it will be replaced by a new sapling.

Natural rubber is environmentally friendly as natural rubber products have a minimal impact on the environment during harvesting, manufacturing and recycling.
The outsole is machine-washable. The sneakers are washing machine friendly at a very low temperature and rotation speed.

The small residue just above the outer sole shows how the sole is melted on the upper. Its our trademark of authenticity