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The vintage sneaker since 1939, made out natural rubber and PETA approved materials

Handmade since 1939 in the EU

Authentic footwear since 1939

The handmade craftmanship and the unique design has its origin since 1939. It has a long history in the sneaker era. They were one of the first sneakers available. 

The production of our sneakers are proudly ethically produced in Europe.

The outer sole is made of 100% natural rubber in a process called ‘Vulcanization’. By this process the outer sole is melted on the upper material. No glues, no chemicals, no synthetic or toxic materials used. A product that is kind for environment and the health of humans.

Handmade in the EU

It’s a quality handmade product made with passion, in respect with tradition, and sole use of natural recyclable materials.

Take a look at detail description of the use of natural materials for our outer sole and upper materials.